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Rosa's first time camping!

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

In May this year I camped for the first time in my life, when I went to the Erongo mountains as a staff member of Urban Friction. Despite the fear of being eaten by some predator, I slept surprisingly well the first night in a tent. It was a long weekend of camping, rock climbing, trail hiking, yoga and of course socializing. Things as little as learning to set up my tent, stories and chats around the fire and playing kiddie games with kids in the dirt made the experience unforgettable.

Black girl rock climbing in Namibia, Africa
Rosa climbing in the Erongo Mountains

The best part was the rocky mountains of the Erongo, breath taking views, a cool breeze and a type of rock that is irresistible for rock climbers. There I climbed my highest route ever – 30 meters off the ground! On top of that, it was friction climbing, a quite particular style of climbing, which I was practically trying for the first time.

A thousand reasons to quit raced through my mind, but the voice pushing me forward was louder. 1. I'm alive and able today, 2. The view is better from the top.

Also, I learned to trust my shoes and hug the rock even when it stinks of baboon excretion, smelling good in the wild is not necessary anyway. ;)

For once in forever I stayed a whole weekend off grid and it was so peaceful. No cellular network, no social media, no radio or TV entertainment and not even electricity. Just fire, torches and the stars, sounds of nature and the presence of other people. It was a great escape from the worries of the world. I would do it a million more times.

I'm grateful for the experience of a life time given to me by Urban Friction, becoming part of the family has been one of the best experiences of my life.

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