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Welcome to our gym!

  • Introduction Course
    Let us show you the ropes. Introduction courses to climbing and belaying are one of our specialties. Be part of our introduction courses at the gym and learn how to safely use climbing gear. This enables you to climb responsibly and independently from us. We will introduce you to different belay devices, safety knots and the fundamental procedures. Afterwards there is time for climbing, where you will learn to apply essential climbing techniques. ​ Information:​ Time: upon request Duration: +/- 2.5 h Participation from 16 years Free membership & gear rental for 1 week!
  • Kids Classes
    We ensure lots of fun for our students with playful learning and training strategies. Our classes focus on the wholesome development of body awareness, balance and fitness. The students learn to focus, build self-confidence, develop team spirit, and improve their climbing techniques. They learn the safe use of gear and rope, which increases their capability and understanding of responsibility. If you are curious, come in and chat to us about a trail lesson. Monday to Thursday 5 to 10 years old: 14:15 - 15:45 11 to 16 years old: 15:45 - 17:15 Cost per month: Once a week: N$ 400 Twice a week: N$ 650 Three times a week: N$ 900 Terms & Conditions Registration for the whole school term (3 months) Monthly payment by debit order or as a once-off payment for the term No classes during holidays
  • Membership
    Get full access to our gym and climb, when you want to climb! Become a part of our community, find your climbing partners or involve your family and friends. With several different options, chat to one of our team to find out more.
  • Events
    Be it your little one's birthday, a class outing or a scout event, year-end-function, or a just-for-fun excursion, we will help you create a special memory. The venue is all yours and there is no room for boredom - we provide belayers, equipment and a great portion of motivation. Everyone receives full attention and our undivided excitement about your achievements. Games aside from climbing are supported and initiated from our side, because we take pride in personalising your experience. ​ Snacks and drinks available, including JetBlast Ice Lollies and Nam Pops Pizzas available on request
  • Teambuilding
    Our main focus is climbing and fun 4 or 6 hour activities available Various snacks and drinks available Pizzas can be provided on request


Prices in N$. Valid from January 2022.

N$ 200
60 Min

Quick Fix

Entry | Gear | Belayer

¹ Equipment included. Participation from the age of 16.

² Experienced climbers to pass a belay test. Inexperienced climbers to complete Introduction Course before registration. Membership includes own use of facilities (Business Hours).


Documents & Banking


To sign up for training classes, download the PDF form to fill in electronically or print out. Print-outs are also available at the gym. Please specify the age group/training days for your child.


Find our disclaimer here to print and sign before you come climbing. Print-outs are also available at the gym. All participants/minors have to be added one the second page before a Kids Party takes place.


To sign up for a membership, download the PDF form to fill in electronically or print out. Print-outs are also available at the gym.


To make online payments, find our banking details here. Please include your name and the product you're paying for in the reference.

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