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Exploration worthwhile - A true gem!

Stone Men awaiting us

So, we visited this farm to inspect their rocks. It was a long-planned trip, both sides were looking forward to it for months in thrilled anticipation.

After we lost the farm address in the first place, we got sick a day before our departure. So we postponed for one day. Drinking lots of tea, things can only get better, we thought. And then our hosts were marooned for days by mtc killing the connection - who doesn't know it? Not being able to confirm directions, we postponed for another day. Yep, the omens were not favourable, but nothing could ever keep us from looking at rocks (man, if we could grow our own rocks...).

On the last possible day, everything finally came together. Hell-bent and curious as anything, we headed out at 6 am to explore this hidden treasure - a small puzzle piece of Namibia's largely unknown climbing potential.

What a gem! What a reward! What a beautiful place! And what wonderful people! The tree-lined farm house, furnished with wooden flooring, high ceilings and antiques, is as cozy as it can get. The owner of the farm welcomed us with open arms, a warm smile and great hospitality.

On our way to the soon-to-be climbing crags, the conspicuously healthy state of the vegetation, including plenty of grass, caught our eyes. Rocky outcrops rise, slopes, slabs and even some overhangs came into view while we were walking through the bush. Between two ridges, we found the ideal campsite. Flat, wind-protected, shady and right where the climbing routes will be - a haven for climbers. Further up the hill, we discovered towers featuring cracks, the surface of the rock changed from route to route, from move to move. The routes are short, but varied. Offering friction, tiny crystals, cracks and ledges, this place is ideal for both beginners and advanced climbers. We are certain, this would be an amazing destination for our Urban Friction Camp & Climb tours. The first two routes we set, felt great already. Now we have to keep developing...

Oh! - saving the best for last, our drive to this farm was just under 1.5 hours from Windhoek - a rock's throw away one could say.

Urban Friction sky

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