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Mighty Mission to Midgard

Thank you all for making this trip so diverse, funny, enlightening and inspiring! The biggest tour with our members happened more than a week ago, but I am still feeding on it. Was I wired, perhaps a little stressed, a few days before? Yeah, definitely. But also so enthusiastic and eager to get this weekend finally started. A total of 24 people signed up for this trip, half of them booked dinner with us and everyone came with an own vision of their outdoor experience. What can I say? We did it! And it was amazing (the food was rather good, too)!

I hope this weekend planted the seed for new friendships, connections and the passion for rock climbing. It was of high importance to us, to make this tour as family friendly as possible. A big green lawn around the fire place, surrounded by colourful train wagons, in the nearest distance to playgrounds and pools, reduced the parental duty of supervision significantly at camp. And at the crag? Well, it seems natural for kids to love rocks, bush, oryx, giraffe, ... no babysitter needed.

No earthquake could have woken up our little one on Sunday night. She was knocked out and hopefully dreaming about all these beautiful impressions, Sunday morning's hike through a stunning gorge, finding creepers and crawlers, spotting antelopes, playing tag, gasping for breath, laughing, ...

Not only did we climb - on one of the most interesting type of rock in Namibia - until our hearts were content, a looong long (and slightly scary) abseil was the highlight at the end. Passing on our knowledge to create ability, increase competence and responsibility in mountaineering is our call. Only a community with skilled, confident and self-reliant members is one that can grow.

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